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The Hidden Complexities: Why Consider Lawyers For Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall accidents can take place anytime and anywhere. It happens because of the negligence of the other person whether it’s a wet floor, poor road or stairway or icy sidewalk. Slip and fall accidents can result in minor to serious injuries that can make anyone’s life more complicated. If you or your loved one has suffered from such an incident it is important to get a lawyer for a slip and fall so you can get suitable compensation from the negligent party. 


Proving Liability


The biggest component of a slip and fall case is proving that the landowner was aware of the risk, knew it, and took no measures to protect people, guests, and invitees from the risk in question. It is the duty of care that is owed to the people who are invited onto the landowner’s land, and negligence is a breach of this duty. 


Proving this is not always easy and may require evidence of how long the problem had been there, whether the landowner was informed of the situation or not, and whether the action taken to correct the problem was enough. This is something that cannot be done with ease and without the assistance of a legal professional. An expert slip and fall lawyer is also capable of giving advice when it comes to the elements required to prove a slip and fall accident and also other resources as well.


Beyond Expertise


Well, you might consider that the major duties of a slip-and-fall lawyer are to defend you in court. Even as that is true, their input is usually much more profound in matters that transcend the legal arena. 

Of course, slip and fall lawyers have a much deeper understanding of the local legislation, rules, and requirements concerning construction norms and regulations on the liability for breaches, which can play a crucial role in the outcome of your case.


Facing the Insurance Company


Most premises liability cases are filed against the insurance company of the landowner of the premises where the accident happened. Regardless of whether the parties involved are renter’s insurance policyholders, homeowner’s insurance policyholders, or policyholders of any other property insurance, all the claims filed are in an effort to seek compensation from the negligent party’s insurance company.


Most of the time, the insurance company is represented by competent legal counsel who is interested in the company’s benefit. They do not want you to spend as much money as you can, and this means attempting to avoid your own legal responsibilities or shifting the responsibility to you even though you are the injured party. 


You and your insurance company have a very uneven relationship when it comes to claims, and insurance companies will do everything in their power to manipulate you. They have the capital and people to guarantee that they do not spend as much as possible, so it is in the best interest of a claimant to seek legal help.


Gathering Compelling Evidence


Oh yes, admissible evidence—the basic foundation of any good trial run. You may take a couple of pictures with your smartphone, but a slip-and-fall lawyer understands exactly what makes a strong case.

They have the means of obtaining CCTV footage, witness statements, or other proof from other sources, and they have the expertise to do so in a manner that strengthens your case.


Should I Get a Lawyer For a Slip and Fall?


Unveiling Hidden Liabilities


This is where a twist is introduced, or we get to the ‘meat’ of the story. In certain circumstances, you have probably heard of people involved in an accident being partially at fault. To unravel these shockers is not child’s play, especially when the identification process is left in the hands of the unqualified. 


While representing you in slip-and-fall cases, these lawyers have certain abilities that enable them to explore aspects that others may have missed and that could have a massive bearing on your claim.


Master in Art of Negotiation


It is possible to neglect the significance of negotiation skills. Well, it is an insurance company, after all. How complicated could it be to talk to an insurance adjuster? Well, this is where the lawyer is much needed. 


Hiring slip and fall lawyers means you are hiring skilled negotiators who can effectively handle negotiation talks on your behalf without making you lose your due. 


On this front alone, their knowledge turns into your armor and weapon, from evaluating the worth of your case to responding to letters that attempt to undervalue it. Mokaram Law Firm has a team of lawyers that can help you get the appropriate compensation you truly deserve.


Calculating Damages


Calculating your overall loss in a slip-and-fall situation involves going beyond costs such as medical expenses. It comprises the wages that one was supposed to earn after the accident, physical suffering, and the cost of treatment in the future. An attorney can assist you in estimating these damages so that you can seek the right amount to compensate for the losses incurred.



Seek Suitable Compensation With Mokaram Law Firm


After learning about the complexities of the slip and fall case you now understand the importance of an experienced lawyer by your side. For your slip and fall case, no need to look further. Our legal team is here to help you at every stage of litigation. To get started with our lawyers, feel free to contact us at (281) 609-9224.


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